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Release of the Much-Awaited ayu’s Prescription Color Contacts!
3,000 Gyarus Gather at Shibuya to Achieve ayu’s eyes!?

31 January 2012.

Sale company T&H Co., Ltd. (URL: http://www.tandh.co.jp/) and planning company WORLD SURVEY Inc. (URL: http://www.world-survey.jp/), with Hamasaki Ayumi as their image model, released color contact lenses 「SWEET DAYS」, and are now adding prescription lenses 「SWEET DAYS Royal」 to their line-up.

On 12/12/2011, the “SWEET DAYS Royal~ Prescription Color Contacts Commemoration Campaign~!” was held, and a limited quantity of products were sold through the official website (http://www.sweet-days.jp/). End of December, the lenses were put on sale at Donkey Hotel and other drugstores around the country.

With Hamasaki Ayumi as the image model, 「SWEET DAYS」 was released in August last year, and the use of these lenses spread like wildfire among the popular gyarus at Shibuya. Last November, during the “Girls Award by CROOZ blog 2011 AUTUMN & WINTER” held at Yoyogi Gymnasium with a total of 30,000 attendees, Ogura Yuko put on the lenses for her stint down the fashion catwalk, generating more hype for the color contacts.

For the “shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHAGE” programme held last December, the color contacts also received much attention as one of the judging requirements of the “D-1 Miss Contest”, a contest held during the No.1 gyaru event “D-1 dream project 2011”, when the top Shibuya girls were crowned.

“D-1” is an event with more than 10 years of history, held at gyaru haven Shibuya. The “D-1 Miss Contest” has produced numerous famous gyaru models, such as the charismatic Funayama Kumiko (Kumicky) and Fujita Anna (GARULA Brand Director), and can be called the gyaru model’s gateway to success. This time, the bright spark of the 1,200 applications was happy, charming Miyashima Zaira. More than 3,000 gyarus gathered at Shibuya for the event.

During the Miss Contest, the 7 finalists had to make use of ayu’s color contacts 「SWEET DAYS」 and Hamasaki Ayumi-produced 「A eyelash」, to create the best eye make-up as their final task.

As the 7 finalists presented their “hot make-up” on stage, there were “droopy eye” looks, “wingtipped eye” looks and “round eye” looks, all adorned with color contacts and long eyelashes. The audience were also full of praises and cheer:

“This is one aspect of Hamasaki Ayumi we will always aspire towards. I want Hamasaki Ayumi’s eyes!”
“With Eurasian features, I’m aiming for that droopy cat eye look!”

Official Site: http://www.sweet-days.jp