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Kawasaki Mayo: “I don’t know the truth about ayu’s divorce, but international marriages are tough”
18 January 2012.

Talent Kawasaki Mayo mentioned Hamasaki Ayumi’s divorce in a blog entry on 18 January.

Kawasaki’s wife Caiya is an American, while Hamasaki’s ex-husband is an Austrian. Being in an international marriage, the Kawasakis might have overcome the language barrier, but still faced many cultural and religious problems.

“Although I don’t know the truth about ayu’s divorce, I think the cultural and habitual differences would really put stress on the couple when they first move in together.”

“What is important is that marriage is different from a relationship!! When you are in a relationship, you can just gaze at each other, but marriage is not just about that. It’s more about taking each other’s hand and searching for the right path for the two of you!! Along the way, there will be walls, swamps, and bumpy roads, but marriage is all about helping each other along.”

“In other words, international marraiges are tough!!”