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Kanayan X’mas 2011!!
22 December 2011. 20:21:30

Kanayan X’mas 2011  

To everyone who came down to play at Pacifico Yokohama, thank you so much  

Because everyone was there, we had a really romantic Christmas together  

This is my final live for this year, and I managed to make many good memories. I really felt everyone’s love 
Hearing everyone’s voices and seeing everyone’s smiles made me smile too, and I felt full of happiness  

Thank you so much  

And now, let’s introduce the members of Kanayan X’mas 2011 

Firstly, Team Chinatown 

Then, Team Minato Mirai 

Then, Team Red Ranger Souko 

Then, the on-stage members   

To all who had taken part in any Nishino Kana live this year, great job 
Thank you 
Let’s all create wonderful shows again next year