It’s Day 2!
30 Dec 2011. 14:42

Hello everyone!

So! It’s Day 2 today!

To all the 13,000 who stayed over at our hotel yesterday, thank you so much!!
To the 13,000 who will be staying over tonight, please support us ☆
Please sing along, dance, and have fun!!!

Let’s go explore the backstage area again today ☆

This time,
we intruded into the tune:up room!

As we entered…

The dancers were having their massage!
It’s important to care for our bodies ☆

And then and then…
we intruded into the girl dancers’ rooms (No Boys Allowed!)…


Too bad! (laugh)

Everyone was busy stretching!!
To all you guys who had been expecting something else, so sorry. (laugh)

And so!
Everyone, let’s go through today with care too!

Have a wonderful day ☆

A STAFF Micchi