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「Tatoe donna ni…」 Release!!
9 November 2011. 19:06:08

After 2 years, I’m back at Waratte Iitomo!

Once again, I didn’t get the Tamori-san strap  But it was really fun  

Thanks to everyone for watching 

And then, new song “Tatoe donna ni…” was released today 

Thanks to all the people who have listened to it and sent in their reviews 

I’ll read them all right now 

The single this time contains 3 songs, each with a different face  

First, we have song #1 “Tatoe donna ni…”

This one’s a sad song, full of the complicated feelings when I fell out of love.

Regret, reflection, then irritation when I couldn’t yet understand why,
then remembrance of happier times whenever I listen to music,

this song expresses all these emotions, each piled upon the other.
There must be many people who are caught up in this emotional spiral and crying.

So to save them from these feelings, there’s song #2 “Just the way you are”.

“I can’t just cry all the time, I need to move forward.”

I feel that, after the tears, this thought will surely come to their minds.

But things are not so easy.

We know that we need to get stronger, but it’s never easy for us to change just like that.

However, even when we’ve lost a loved one and living in a world in which we’ve lost everything,
we find other sources of happiness and love which we didn’t notice before.

For example, even though we never make any promises, we realize that friends will always stay by us, that they will always laugh with us over nothing in particular.

There are many more examples.

In fact, you and I all have happiness.

So it’s alright to be the way we are.

We just need to believe in ourselves, love ourselves, and progress little by little.

“I love you just the way you are”

Then, song #3 “Secret”, has this become a custom? 

 DJ Mass x Nishino Kana 

Here it is, my full throttle interest song 

We made a really cool song this time too!! The D-melody (after the 2nd chorus) is especially wonderful 

This song is about the feelings of a girl who is totally in love, and dreaming too much about her guy 

Even though she’s only trying to send a text, she takes a re———-ally long time 

Why? Because she’s thinking too much 

I recommend this song to, of course, all girls who are crazy about their guys  , as well as all those who love club music 

Please listen to all 3 songs!!
I’ll be waiting for your reviews