masaya_0503: When you said JUNO couldn’t perform, does that mean that he didn’t even have the choice of whether he wanted to sing or not?
ayu_19980408: No. To have his song suddenly ousted from the setlist, who do you think felt hurt the most?… It’s his only wish, so he passed it on to us to sing with all our mights.

rknyt5: Will ayu-chan protect Tohoshinki too?
ayu_19980408: I don’t know if you can call it protecting, but my feelings about them haven’t changed.

moge_5: ayu-chan is not wrong. I’m really glad that you sang the song for him! Looking forward to tomorrow too (^^)
ayu_19980408: Thank you. But tell this to NAO too, he sang with all his heart too (*^^*)

ayumikiko: So why wasn’t this done since Ehime? Why couldn’t JUNO perform only today?
ayu_19980408: I’d really like to know why too.

ayu69maki: Isn’t ayu the one who determines the setlist?
ayu_19980408: The setlists I create don’t always get the OK. There are definitely times when it gets rejected.

ayumikiko: Why does someone else have the right to say no to ayu’s setlist? Why? (´・_・`)
ayu_19980408: Because I am only a part of the company.

12KID13: Rejected? So you were planning to sing Why… with JUNO?
ayu_19980408: Yes ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Anyway, we will sing with all our mights tomorrow too!!

richan22: I’m sorry (>_<) I really love ayu… Now I’m worried that ayu will hate me…
yurina27kitty: ayu-chan, you’re ok with us, right? It’s just that everyone loves you too much, so we’re all affected by this issue
ayu_19980408: I know (*^^*)v

as_Manami: ayu-san, please go on as ayu-san will ♪(´ε` ) Goodnight.
ayu_19980408: OK ♪(´ε` )

teamayu_hiro: ayu, are you ok? You sound sad ・゜・(つД`)・゜・
ayu_19980408: Reality is always sad~ ♪ That’s why, for the next 2 days, we wish to send you a dream~ ♪ (^_−)−☆

ayu69maki: Tomorrow’s venue will be dyed pink. We’ll do the ayu call with all our mights. So show us a show that is all ayu. Because we love ayu (*^^*)
ayu_19980408: Yes, everyone in the troupe will show you the best finale (^ー^)ノ♪

ayu_19980408: TA is updated.

ayunews: Blog update @ZIN19791126 Thoughts today.
ayu_19980408: RT

maaa122464: @JUNO_Japan JUNO-oppa ^^ Morning– ♪ How are you? Glad you managed to find a great NUNA ^^ I love ayu-onni too—!
JUNO_Japan: That’s right!! I’m glad \(^o^)/
ayu_19980408: Thank you ☆ Unni will work hard ♪

yoneaki1019: a-nation finaleeeee ☆ We’ll puff out our chests, look up, and deliver the strongest show \(^o^)/ We won’t lose!!!!! Let’s start tearing it all uppppp ♪♪♪
ayu_19980408: Yeeeeeaaaahh!! Whoever decided on these rules ♪ We don’t need such things (^_−)−☆ Right, big sis!!! \(^o^)/

dulceku_TA: Just watched @ayu_19980408 ‘s beloved PV…. ;__________________;
ayu_19980408: For all my fans:)))

sou_02: Reached~!! So finally, it’s a-nation’s finale, and our thoughts are with all the performers, so just let it all go on stage!!
ayu_19980408: OK!! I’ll bring all the staffs’ feelings up on stage with me (^_−)−☆

lesliekeesuper: Guess who are these boys gathering,what are they doing and who are they? Want to join us? We miss you!☆☆☆☆☆
ayu_19980408: RT

lesliekeesuper: Sending you Love! @ayu_19980408 @nootak @K1_Hiroya @MotokiMinei @alex_ramon @Ta9Revolution21 @tatsukolacey @RyoHoriguchi
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lesliekeesuper: 3 days to FIVE!!! @ayu_19980408 @nootak @K1_Hiroya @MotokiMinei @alex_ramon @Ta9Revolution21 @tatsukolacey @RyoHoriguchi
ayu_19980408: RT

ayu_19980408: Thank u guys!!!!!!! Miss u guys!!!!!!! LOVE……Xoxo

ayu18ayu18ayu18: ayu, the people around ayu, and everyone in the troupe are too awesome. I really received power. Everyone really shone.
ayu_19980408: Everyone in TA too! I’m really blessed!! Shaaaaaaa (^O^)/♪

ayunews: Blog update. @sodeepsubaru Today
ayu_19980408: RT

TA0413: Were you and Masa-san communicating through telepathy today too??
ayu_19980408: We’re communicating smoothly (*^^*)v

ayuki_1978102: ayu-chan, is Masa-san watching over you today? (。・・。)
ayu_19980408: Of courseeeeeeee! He’s Part of Me (*^^*)♪

woodberryskiti: Kichiouji Shopkeeper in Aji Stadium. Ayu-zen yoghurt is selling well! Everyone is so busy, but as long as they are happy.
ayu_19980408: Ayu-zen yoghurt!! (laugh) Thank you (^O^)/

ayu_19980408: I won’t forget the ayu call I heard when I was offstage. I won’t forget the moment when I went on stage and my whole vision was filled with pink. I won’t forget everyone’s faces, as they cried and laughed and raised their fists. I won’t forget the feelings that everyone continued to scream to me, until their voices dried up. Thank you!!!!!

ayu_19980408: To those who couldn’t come, we’re all still connected, and I could feel you all by my side. Thank you.