ViVi / ViVi Henshubu

Scans by Utena from AHS.

Captions translated Up->Down, Right Page first.


31 August: NEW MINI ALBUM 『FIVE』. The off-shots of 2 video clips from this new album revealed!!

Directed by Leslie Kee 「beloved」

The world Leslie created is too beautiful, overflowing with love, dreams and hope. When I entered the location set, I was so touched that I almost cried…

Everyone was here on set really early, but they all worked really hard till the very end!! We spent the entire time with smiles

And then, it’s time for the real thing, and everyone entered “female star” mode together!! These kids are definitely the cream of the audition’s crop. Awesome!

Singing as I walked along a long long path on the wide wide beach… I was plagued by an unbelievable muscle ache the next day… (laugh) Sand is really bothersome. Babyoooon

Kyaaaaa! I talked with the cute kids at the end, and signed autographs… And I just realized that Princess Cocoa is coming out of my butt (laugh) Just like a dream~

Everyone! Combined photo!! We did it under the blazing sun— With dazzling smiles. LOVE

Leslie’s FIRST as director & Ryan’s FIRST as backstage!! Just what kind of Hamasaki Ayumi will they show to us?… Look forward to it.


Directed by Musashi Muto 「Why… feat JUNO」

Firstly… we started with a sleeping scene, in “no make-up” make-up!! Suddenly, we’re thrust into Director Muto’s world! Director himself operated the camera!!

And then… I changed into butterfly ayu!! Butterflies from the top of my head to the tips of my nails!! Fantasy~~ The nails Mr Minazou made are super detailed, you must check them out!!

Next is a scene with JUNO. JUNO’s outfit is so fantasy too~ And so… Just what kind of PV is this? But there’s a 40cm height difference between JUNO and I (laugh) It’s strange when we stand together!!

Yep, this room was awesome. (laugh) I wanna live here. Right? All you girls? It’s so beautiful that it’s somehow sad, the world created by Director Muto… Yep.

And this time, the brand that gave us their full support is called DOSQA. A hug at the end with designer Daiichi! Mother Okei at left looks on smiling.

For next month’s Deji Deji, I’ll bring the making-off scenes from the other 3 PVs to you with a DODOOOOOON!! Look forward to it!