Ended on a really high note!!

Seems like it’ll get even hotter tomorrow.

Let’s drink more water, sweat lots, and create the best memories for this summer! ・*:・゚☆(*ゝ∀・*)b ☆・*:・

And so, so,

along the corridor backstage, there’s always lots of refreshments lined up, which we are totally grateful for.

From Eto-san, commonly known as “Jacky” ↓

Inari sushi-sans ♪

He didn’t know how many people there are, so he ordered this much,

but it was all absorbed by the A Troupe gluttons. (laugh)

Next up,

From S-Cup Pharmaceutical, which troupe leader ayu filmed a CM for ↓

S Cup ☆

One bottle before the show, and we power up!!!

Lastly, this ↓

Tenmusu bento ♪

“Thank you for everything. Let’s work hard today again!!”

Carrying such feelings from the troupe leader, these refreshments also help to lift our morales ↑↑↑


can eat the box too. Awesome!!

Performing on stage for the first time, making troupe leader ayu laugh all the time,

EKKO-san looks happy too ♪

And lastly…

Troupe leader ayu’s reliable companions, surrounding vocal training coach Manaho-sensei.
(ZIN-san, SUKE3, MIDORI-san)

With heartening refreshments and lots of supportive cheers, we promise to bring the best show to everyone at Yoyogi’s Day 2 as well!!!!

A STAFF Minazou