lesliekeesuper: In 1984, I was a 13-year-old middle school student in Singapore. I’ve never met my father, nor knew his name. My mother died of cancer at age 39. The only one left is my 6-year-old sister. It was then when I started working at a Japanese company. There, I met with Japanese music. Yuming, Rebecca, Ann Lewis were my starting points.
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lesliekeesuper: Photos and music are magical. Regardless of language, gender, and religion, photos and music bring love, hope, peace, courage and countless more wonderful feelings to people. And there are family, friends, staff and fans who give me support. And to be able to convey my true feelings on Twitter makes me really happy!
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lesliekeesuper: I am so proud & honor to be part of Team Ayu. Thank you! Music=Power
ayu_19980408: Always respect u n luv u;))We r all family☆

mabonTA: Hey, ayu-chan? What is reality?
ayu_19980408: What I want to know is what reality is about, and who is perceiving that reality.

ayu_19980408: Today is for CM filming~! And I think that the oxygen chamber will be reading me soon!!! (laugh)

toshiaki080808: ayu-san, why can’t people believe?
ayu_19980408: Because we need others to believe before we do so ourselves?

ayu_19980408: No no, I meant, before we can believe in ourselves, we wish for others to believe in us first ♪

Sakiitty: Does ayu-chan believe in herself?
ayu_19980408: I do, because I have people I love.

pinkustitch0417: Does ayu-chan place loved ones or work first??
ayu_19980408: Work. Meaning everyone at TA. Because that is what I want, there’s no need to worry ☆