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COVER STORY: Hamasaki Ayumi Debut Appearance!

Ayumi Hamasaki in dreamin’ world

At last, the Japanese pop princess who shook the world, Hamasaki Ayumi-san the unique fashion leader makes an appearance in Otona Look!s! We present fully, her unstoppable appeal~


Fantasy of the winter begins in a deep forest.

Gently landing in the deep forest
An innocence just like powder snow

A fluffy soft knitted poncho, paired with a long lace dress. White tones that make up this girly coordination gives off a feeling of innocence.


Reflecting womanliness and strength
A white X black masculine coordination

A black base sets the metrosexual atmosphere, while the white blouse brings out the womanliness. Fur and the classic blouse are this year’s hot items.


Ayumi Hamasaki
Born 2 October 1978. Pop princess who receives great support not just in Japan, but throughout Asia as well. Counting down to the 50th single, 2 consecutive releases planned in September. Presently staging Yoyogi 7Days live in commemoration of 50th single.

Quote: To me, fashion is an important tool I use to express myself

“Though this is my first appearance here, I managed to receive a great perspective, and take wonderful photos, so I’m really glad.”

Deep in the silent forest stands a rundown water mill, in which the pop princess talks about her debut appearance to Otona Look!s. As the only female solo artist who sold over 20 million copies of her singles, Hamasaki Ayumi-san is the cover girl for this issue, showing us her signature nail art.

Her secrets and thoughts about beauty… Though that is a subject we often wish to ask her about, the focus this time is on her style this winter! We asked Ayu about any fall/winter fashion trends that have caught her interest.

“I’ve always associated winter with black! However, this year I have been going with other colours, such as brown, beige or camel. Maybe it’s because cute and girly dresses, rather than elegant ones, fit my current mood better. If I had to describe my fashion using words, I guess I’d pick the word “bohemian”. The coordination I liked most in this shoot was the one I wore on the cover. My personal clothes consist of lots of lace and knits too, so it felt natural when I wore that. Because I haven’t been wearing black at all recently, it felt refreshing to wear them again. It somehow fits surprisingly well. (laugh) And then, though it’s not a current obsession, I seem to be wearing dangly accessories alot too. And among those, I seem to end up picking the leather ones most. It can be coordinated with either lace shirts or knit items, giving a different feeling for each. That was the case with this photoshoot.

To me, fashion is an important tool I use to express the person I am at different times, and it has saved me. When I want to feel strong, I wear a dress. When I am with a boyfriend, I’ll pick something which will make me look cute. I think fashion is a special weapon that can be utilized by girls, because of its rich variety. Therefore, I wish that everyone will also enjoy it.”

That was what ayu told us.

When this issue is released, ayu will be right in the middle of hosting 7-days live at Yoyogi, in celebration of the release of her 50th single. Songs to be performed include [crossroad], a collaboration work with Mr Komuro Tetsuya that was included in the 49th single, as well as elaborate songs from [L], the 50th single released just a week after. Whether in white or black, she continues running on, never losing confidence in herself. To this ayu, we posed a last question: What kind of girl does she consider to be beautiful?…

“Probably girls who believe in themselves, and are not affected by what others perceive of her.”

And that seems to describe this self-produced girl herself perfectly.