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From Love to Power! Holding On to Hope in Japan!

Because of the Eastern Japan Earthquake which shook the eastern side of the country on 11 March 2011, a wide region including the Tohoku, Kantou and central areas have been struck by the disaster.

Right after the quake, starting with her Twitter account and moving on to other kinds of media, ayu has been continuously providing victims with useful updates, strong messages, courage ans power!

Along with this strong appeal from ayu, there will be a sale of ayu X Vivi collaboration charity T-shirts in order to help all those affected by the quake this time!
By accessing Hamasaki Ayumi’s official site ( or NEW Vivi ( and buying this shirt, the profits from the sale will go fully as a donation to the Eastern Japan Earthquake Fund!

We are praying for all those who have been affected by the quake and their families to recover as soon as possible.


To all Vivi readers, how is everyone doing now?

I will be presenting this month’s issue of Deji Deji diary in a totally irregular way.

As mentioned in the previous Deji Deji diary, I’ve just spent some time living in LA.

I came back to Japan to take part in tour rehearsals, which had already begun. I just can’t use words to explain the feeling I had when I landed at Narita Airport after several months away, it’s just so shocking, even to myself. I still remember very clearly, that crazy happiness I felt. The nostalgic, familiar smells, the sound of spoken Japanese, the shining smiling faces…

Because there was just so much “love”, my eyes started burning. Of course, all the foreign lands were unique and charming, and the fact that I love those places doesn’t change. However, this Japan where I was born and raised in is ultimately, forever my homeland.

This time, I thought about what I could do as a single entertainer, and out of all the answers I came up with, one was to include the fashion world, together with Vivi, by organizing a charity event.

Let us send our Girls’ Power to Japan!!

Hamasaki Ayumi