ViVi / ViVi Henshubu / Namie Amuro

Credits to Luna62@AHS and AyuChina for the scans.


Hello. ⇈ How is everyone? This is ayu, who has been living in LA recently. ✌ This life here is really super slow♪ going~♪ That’s why, I’ll be super active when I get back to Tokyo. This month, I want to bring to you photos of the baby fans who came to support me in the US!! I’m also including photos of my favourite studio and record plant, where I do work——!! And with that, let’s start this Deji Deji Diary ♡♡

Caption: Writing……

Everyone, thank you so much for always being so lively and waiting outside the studio for me ♡ No matter how exhausted I feel, seeing all your smiling faces immediately gives me a power charge!! And then, for always saying “See you tomorrow~♪” when we part. It makes me know that there will always be someone, other than myself, existing tomorrow, in the future, and that is very precious to me.

Caption: Yosh!

During recordings, I always go barefoot. When it’s cold, I will put on a pair of slippers, but when I notice them, I take them off anyway… Whenever I sing, I always sweat so much!! That’s why!! I always go to the studio with a change of clothes– ♪

Without these people, Hamasaki Ayumi’s music will not exist. Thank you so much for everything!! Director Kome and genius arranger Nobita. (Of course, CMJK-san is included in my list too ♡♡)

Caption: I received so many presents. Thank you ♪

Caption: Let’s meet again in the next issue~ ♪ Giggle~ ♪